Did Hitler and the Nazis treat the Jews badly? Essay

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Anti-Semitism has been around since the Middle ages. People would blame Jews for the death of Jesus. Adolf Hitler hated Jews for various reasons. The first is that he was brought up in a world that loathed Jews and wanted to eradicate them. He began to develop German nationalist views from a young age. Therefore he is only a product of his upbringing. However he wasn’t the slightest bit influenced by this so as to go into politics. This was because he and his father, Alois Hitler had a rising antagonism which led the young Hitler to disobey and do the exact opposite of what his father wanted him to do. So when Alois Hitler expressed to his son that he wished for him to become a civil servant, the young Hitler immediately wanted to pursue his dream of being an artist. When he finally did get his way and was allowed to Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts he was rejected twice. Hitler blamed this on the rich who wouldn’t buy his artwork. Coincidentally the ‘rich’ in Hitler’s opinion were the Jews. When the Germans lost the First World War Hitler blamed it on the Jews. When Hitler saw the Germans in poverty he blamed it on the rich Jews. Hitler, like many others saw various problems and needed someone to blame.
Even the name given to Jews was designed to create hatred and dislike for the Jews. Semite actually means a pest or a vexation, it is a name given to those that cling to places that are thriving and suck out the wealth and prosperity. A Semite is a parasite. Jews were seen to be parasites. Between 1933 and 1939 Jews were subject to various laws that were targeted at them to ensure they suffered pain. They were abused and isolated from the rest of Germany. They were cut off from the outside world. They were to be eradicated to make way for only the purest, the best. In 1933 it was decreed that Germans were not to use Jewish services such as Jewish shops, doctors and lawyers. This was so they would suffer going bankrupt. Many Jews ended up losing their jobs. Jews were also thrown out of the Civil Service. In 1934, Jews were not allowed to study to be chemists. The Nazis plan was working. Slowly but surely, hatred of Jews or anti-Semitism was being more and more widespread across Germany.

In 1935 things got progressively worse for the Jews. This was a year where the Jews places would become clear. In 1935 the loathing of Jews would be put on paper. The Reich citizenship act was passed. Reich in German means kingdom. The first article stated that subjects of the state had particular obligations towards the Reich. It also states that the status of the subjects are found in the Reich and State Law of Citizenship. The second article makes it quite clear who a citizen of the Reich is. It says that a citizen of the Reich is that subject only who is of German or kindred blood and who, through his conduct, shows that he is both desirous and fit to serve the German people and Reich faithfully. The right to citizenship was acquired by the granting of Reich citizenship papers. It also says only the citizen of the Reich enjoys full political rights in accordance with the provision of the laws. The Reich Minister of the Interior in conjunction with the Deputy of the Fuhrer will issue the necessary legal and administrative decrees for carrying out and supplementing this law. This basically meant that Jews were no longer German citizens. It meant that Jews couldn’t vote. It meant that Jews couldn’t hold public office. If this wasn’t enough the Nuremberg laws were passed to restrain Jews even further. Nuremberg was where the Nazi party congresses and party rallies were held. The Nuremberg Laws ruled that there were to be no marriages between Germans and Jews. There were to be no sexual relations between Germans and Jews. The offenders would be put in prison. Signs were put up saying ‘Jews are not wanted’ Jews were separated from Germans. In parks, Jews were to sit on their own benches which were painted yellow and had written ‘Nur