Essay about Did JFK’s Inaugural Address come to fruition during the 1960’s?

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Harry Styles
May 13th, 2014
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U.S. History

Did JFK’s Inaugural Address come to fruition during the 1960’s?

In JFK’s inaugural address, he discussed many key points about the United States and the other countries involved in the U.S’s affairs and goal points. JFK’s main point was to reach world peace in any way available of it happening. The opening statement in his speech proclaimed that the day was a “…celebration of freedom…” and one of his last remark in his speech that he said was “…but what together we can do for the freedom of man.”(3rd page, 6th paragraph). Kennedy in his speech planned the country’s and the world’s freedom, and during the 1960’s, he accomplished that goal. In summary, JFK’s vision in his inaugural address did come to fruition during the 1960’s.

JFK sought to “Abolish all forms of human poverty…” and during his presidency, he took a hold and tried to fix many domestic problems. In August of 1664, congress enacted the Economic Opportunity Act, approving nearly 1 billion dollars for antipoverty, youth programs, small-business loans, and job training (1st page, 2ed paragraph). This Act created, The Volunteers in Service to America, the Jobs Corps Youth Training program, Project Head Start, and the Community Action Program. All of these programs and projects supported people in need by encouraging people to try new things, train, educate themselves and their families, and participate in public-works programs.

JFK said, “To our sister republics south of our border, we offer a special pledge—to covert out good words into good deeds—in a new alliance for progress—to assist free men and free governments in casting off the chains of poverty.”(2nd page, 1st paragraph). He addressed the Cuban missile crisis in the best way possible making it successful. He produced the idea from what the evidence and other theories, the only way that ended non-violently. Other than “…our sister republics south of our border…”, Kennedy assisted many countries outside of ours. Peace Corps, a program set up by Kennedy, is a program that assists the developing nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. “Kennedy’s Kiddie Corps” addressed poverty abroad (textbook page 680). By 1968, more than 35,000 volunteers had served in 60 nations around the world.

In Kennedy’s speech, he said, “United there is little we cannot do...” (Paragraph 6). In April of 1961, a Soviet man was the first person in space. The United States responded as quickly as we possibly could and ended up having the U.S. to have the first men to land on the moon. After every step the Soviet Union would take, the United States would in turn respond with a greater one. By July 1969, The United States had one the space race, even after the Soviets had a head start. This shows that when JFK stated, “United there is little we cannot do...” he meant it, and he created the momentum in the right direction to unite the country and win the space race together.

To keep peace was Kennedy’s whole mission during his time as president. In his inaugural address, he said “…and the peace preserved...”(3rd page, 1st paragraph). When he said that statement, he was creating the idea of a whole new world in