Did The Media Get It So Wrong

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A decade’s gone by since the Iraq war began, but the media’s cheerleading role in the months preceding the invasion is as relevant and disturbing as ever. How did the mainstream press get it so wrong?

One of the main factors that I believe caused a huge impact on the irrelevance of the media’s cheerleading role is the happening of 9/11. There’s many more ideas and actions to influence the media’s cheerleading as well. But the three main ideas that contributed to the mainstream press to get it wrong is the patriotism of our country after 9/11 and jumping to conclusions, the media being behind Bush administration, and uncertainty of weapons of mass destruction coming from terrorist groups. After the attacks of 9/11 the country changed drastically which contributed to the media’s cheerleading. The morale of the country rose after the recovery of the attacks and there was a lot of patriotism shown throughout the whole country. Also the idea of jumping into another war was irrelevant considering that it was a terrorist group that attacked us and not the country of Iraq. Many jumped conclusions came through the attacks from 9/11 that eventually led to war against Iraq and thus contributing to the media’s role.
The media agreed with the Bush administration because of the evidence found supported Bush’s idea. This evidence was that there was a major threat coming to our nation if the terrorist groups continued to obtain weapons. The media also helped contribute to have the Bush administration more…