Essay on Did the Changes Between 1750 to 1900 Make People’s Lives Better

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Did the changes between 1750 to 1900 Make People’s lives better?

The industrial revolution was a period of great change for the entire world. As the name suggests the industrial revolution is when the world became more revolutionized. This brought upon many changes to the world, the way we used it, and the way we viewed it. Many technological advancements were made during the industrial revolution, many of them which made our lives easier, but when considering this question you have to realize all the effects caused by these new inventions. Inventions such as the car. We could go to places faster in them but they also made traveling by horse obsolete and it is considered one of the largest causes of global warming today. In my essay I
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The children of these people may lead the same lives but their children or their children’s children could lead lives of glamour inside a house that the rich of a century ago would be envious of. There is a lot to be said about how the industrial revolution decreased the quality of life and how it improved it. It would take more than 45 minutes to write down all my arguments for it and more than a week to write down all the arguments for it. The industrial revolution destroyed the lives people used to have and replaced it with a new one filled with opportunities and uncertainties. I hope that I have given you enough information to come to your own conclusion about the topic but in my opinion it was a combination of both. For most of the workers who migrated to the city to find a better life the quality of their lives probably had increased hardship and little improvement. But for the world around it and for the world that has yet to come It created a better world with a great quality of