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“Digital Communications can provide spaces for the construction and performance of identity”

There is no special system for identification in digital technology, specially in internet. It is not possible to absolutely identify an entity an entity system for the cyber space. Identity is a unique piece of information regarding with an entity. Identity itself normally a collection of qualities of a characteristic that are either inherent or are assign by another. An online identity is a social identity that an internet users establishes in online communities and websites. Although some people prefer to use their real name online , some are prefer to be anonymous identity themselves by means of pseudonyms. Anyone can create a identity using any other persons information or different gender. So that some websites use the user’s ip address to track their online identity using methods such as tracking cookies in users mobile or computer. Once a profile is created, users are regarded as a member of the online community. Then can create a list of friends that will form the basis of their social network, this process has to follow two ways. First user has to send friend request to new friends, then until they accept the invitation sender cannot interact with their friend. In this way group membership in social network is based on with mutual recognition. If you use a phone or computer to play games and chart with friends, you also have an online identity, Web sites with games, chat and messaging options also let you choose your own screen name. If you want to be known as a famous character, hero or any name that ‘s your new name for that site. Young people and digital communication is a rapidly developing field. It is changing lot o new technique to attract there users. Today, as in the past the construction and performance of identity draws on available cultural, symbolic and metrical resources. Identity as speed and told, perform and reload in variety of setting with varies form of storing. This has been well described by young people youth studies and focusing on cultural essence used by young people build there identities. (wierenga 2008, Reader :38). Especially young people influence by digital technologies that facilitated new forms of communication for interact between people. Person to person on line communication create new possibilities for individuals to access and perform their stories. Digital technology allowed the face to face interaction by on air using web cameras, headphones and microphones. Because of this, real world face to face communication method and writing letters are regarding as out dated methods. The different between real space and cyber space is that the essence of way digital transaction is unbundle. In an online identity can access many users and send massagers or information to use by broadcasting. This is the most special feature in online identity. So the time and the cost can be saving by this type of facilities. Now digital communication become an important medium through society learn about themselves with self studies and their relationships with others in the world. Digital identity can communicate between people to people or people to web sites. So that the way this digital identity is regarding as a digital representation. Now lot of sites uploads as to get the people’s reactions and replies for some particular problems or matters. Using this type of technology, the young people engage in new innovations and political engagements by the cyber identity. So this can be lead to get the free and fair answers for some problems than meeting people in real identities.

For the last decade, digital technology has changed living styles of people all over the world. The digital communication has directly embossed people in their personal, leisure and commercial life. People use the internet for personal communication (email, blogs) as a medium for seeking information and for online shopping,