Diego Velázquez's Las Meninas

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Has anyone ever wonder the meanings behind paintings and try to feel the depths of the painter's work? If people have not try to understand a painter’s work yet, then they should start with the Las Meninas originally painted by Deigo Velázquez in 1656. Diego Velázquez was the official painter for King Philip IV. Later, in 1957, Pablo Picasso decided to paint a grand series of fifty-eight Las Meninas. Almost all the Las Meninas made by Picasso were different from the original. Both paintings are very unique in their own ways showing many details and depths that make a large amount of people admire the painters’ skills.
In the original painting, there are many people including Velázquez and let us not forget the dog as well. All the characters
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One of the differences is that in Picasso’s painting, the Princess is larger than the Maid while in Velázquez’s painting, the Princess is the same size as the Maid. Other than the proportions, the style of the paintings are different because Picasso’s painting is abstract while Velázquez’s painting is realistic. Another different in both paintings is the direction of the Princess’s head. In Picasso’s drawing, the Princess is facing the Maid while in the other painting, the Princess is facing away from the Maid. Unlike Velázquez’s painting, Picasso’s painting consist only the Princess and the Maid. Also Picasso did not add Velázquez in his version of the painting.
I think the motivation for Velázquez’s painting was fear because he was the official painter for King Philip IV. Velázquez probably did not want to anger his Majesty by not finishing the painting. Who knows what the King will do if somebody made him furious? The King could possibly chop Velázquez’s head off for not finishing a painting, that involves the Princess. A less crueler punishment then death would be starving Velázquez until he has learned his lesson which is do not leave unfinished paintings