Dierks High School: A Short Story

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The best day in school that I will never forget happened three days before our senior graduation in Dierks High School. It was our lunch period everyone was making their way to lunch, but I wasn’t. I was paged to the main office. I was so confused why I was the only one paged to the office. There was no way I was in trouble. I was one of the best students in school. I opened up the door to the main office and there was a heavy set tall guy standing at the counter. The guy had a name tag on that read Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin asked me to sign my signature on a piece of paper. I wasn’t sure if I should sign name, so I didn’t. I then asked him what my signature was for. He told me it was for my college career. I went ahead and signed my signature. I was then dismissed to go to lunch. I completed the rest of my day.
Two days before our graduation during fourth period I was paged to the office again. I figured Mr. Martin was needed me to sign something again, but I was wrong. A short skinny man was waiting on me in the main hallway. This man's name was Mr. Parker. He asked me to follow him. I followed him to the teachers lounge. Mr. Parker pulled a chair out for me and asked for me to take a seat. Once we were seated he pulled a few papers out of his briefcase. He sat the papers in front of me and asked for my signature on bottom of each
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Our day was filled with pictures. After about the twentieth picture I was asked to go to the gym. When I walked into the gym there was several people sitting at a table along with my parents. Apparently it was time for me to pick where I was going to attend college. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to college at. I had five choices to pick from. Devry University, SAU, Walla Walla Community College, New Mexico State University or Central Wyoming College. After about ten minutes I narrowed it down to Devry University or Central Wyoming College. I couldn’t make a choice between them