Diet: Nutrition and fast Food Restraints Essay

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Today the well being of our society needs to be taken seriously. Today we are influenced by many things to screen the importance of our individual health. McDonald’s along with many other fast food restraints play a major role in our individual diet. We must begin to take action and grasp the opportunity to eat healthy in order to prevent illnesses like diabetes and heart failure.
The “Slim-Fast” diet is one way of becoming healthy. This diet offers the consumer a way to approach dieting as a tool to lose weight, cut back on calorie intake, and in the long run maintain a healthier lifestyle. With a 1,200 kcal intake a day plan, this method of dieting follows the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans in which each of the meals consumed daily, follows the recommended intake the government suggests. For example, the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of calories from fats should be on a scale from 20%-35%, slim-fast supplies 30% of calories from fat each day. This method also meets other RDA standards like carbohydrates, salt, fiber, potassium, and calcium consumption. The only suggestion made is to take different vitamin supplements due to the small amount slim-fast provides.
The focus of this diet plan is to ultimately maintain a good diet and lose at least 1-2lbs weekly. According to an online article by U. S. weekly experts and reviewers has proven that slim-fast allows you to lose the weight quickly and states “The popular meal-replacement program pulled in more than 3 out of 5 possible stars, outperforming a large majority of other diets” (U.S. weekly). Obviously slim-fast can be effective and help us fit into the jeans we want, or maybe just feel more confident and eventually Healthy.
Other Diet plans like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem offer customer services and on call support. Slim-fast however is an online program and allows consumers to track diet and monitor food intake with an online weight tracker. This program assists to track food intake and analyze daily meals which is kept as data for our individual diet plans. Most people often find that the most