Essay about Dieting: Nutrition and Exercise Releases Endorphins

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Kristen Ramirez
Monica Hernandez
23 October 2014 Diet and exercise: The way to a healthier lifestyle. Although it may appear to be easier to eat whatever you please the outcome is crucial. Along with dieting, exercise shares an equal amount of importance. Research has shown that a person that exercises daily and consumes a correct diet has a better chance at a healthier life. From early adulthood diet and exercise play an importance on physical health for the future. When a person exercises consistently they lower the chances of diabetes, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Certain foods increase the production of lipoprotein (cholesterol) which contribute to decrease in harmful triglycerides which cause high blood pressure as well. Exercise helps produce the burning of calories which can lead to weight gain; or regulates a stable weight and activates weight loss. By eating a low-fat diet and incorporating vegetables and fruits to daily meals assists in making exercise more effective to a healthier physical appearance.
Need an instant stress reliever? Exercise releases endorphins that allow a person to feel more relaxed. A balanced diet that contains low amounts of sugar and saturated fats supplies a greater amount of energy. Exercise and dieting will also lower chances of depression and insomnia.
Failure to exercise and eat correctly can lead to obesity or excessive weight gain. The long term effect of this example would be type 2 diabetes. The person