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5/8/2013 There are many similarities as well as many different details in the comparison of wikileaks and the pentagon papers. The similarities that are just spot on about both the pentagon papers and wikileaks both had someone release valuable government information to the public of the United States. Also both of the leaks were about what’s happening in a war. Other similarities about both the pentagon papers and wikileaks are both of the leakers were considered enemies of the United States government, But to some of the people in the United States they consider the leakers as heroes. In many ways they are both considered heroes because each of the leakers both put their freedom and their lives on the line just by building the courage to leak personal or valuable information they felt like, should be known to the United States public. Another Similarity is both of the leak news caused a huge reaction out of the public of the United States. Many people were disappointed with the government holding out like they did with information the people knew they should have known. In other words the people were in disbelief in the information that they had received. Some of the differences that they had were one of the information was leaked in the newspaper and then it went to trial for the information to be held but the court ruled of the right of the first amendment. The other was leaked on a website and the website had attempts from the government to be taken down, but…