Difference Between American And Chinese Culture

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Difference between American and Chinese culture
Deangela Mingo
Engl 1301
June 14, 2013

In different cultures, there are multiple traditions and customs to be celebrated throughout life. Weddings is one of the customs that is the most meaningful and symbolic customs between the American and Chinese culture. Weddings between the two cultures are very different, but in a way, they are very similar. In American culture, you are able to date whoever you desire, but in Chinese culture, their mate is chosen for them. Both of the cultures have very unique ceremonies with a minister, flowers, and etc, but in Chinese culture, the common color for their decorations is red. Red symbolizes good luck for the couple. As in both cultures, the bride’s close friends keep the bride in a room until the wedding has officially begun. Also, both of the cultural weddings leave in decorated cars after the ceremony is finished. Although American cultural weddings are for happiness, Chinese weddings are not. Chinese weddings are mostly for the birthing of children and sex. After the ceremony, their close friends decorate their bedroom with peanuts and lotus on the bed, hoping for the women to get pregnant with a boy. Another important tradition in both cultures is Christmas. On Christmas, both of the cultures both leave gifts for each other and have Christmas trees. The traditional belief in the American culture is Santa, but in China it’s a little different than the American culture. In China, they believe in a person called Dun Che Lao Ren which is kind of similar to Santa Clause.
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