Difference Between Bsn and Asn Essay

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Essay #3: Source Evaluation
For the second half of our semester you will be exploring an issue of your own choice. For this third essay then, you'll be developing a small group of possible sources and you’ll be evaluating them to determine which are appropriate to an academic paper, which are not, and why.
The question you'll answer is "Is this article an appropriate source for an academic paper in which you will make a formal credible argument that must be supported with research? Why or why not?"
You're answering it for yourself (and other members of the academic community) to find a pool of sources that might be useful in your Essay 4 argument for this class.
Your goals: Think of this assignment as preparation for the longer essay you'll be asked to write next. You’ll want to complete the most effective research you can, so that when you sit down to write your essay you'll have at least one interesting possible source and offering a detailed analysis of that source to support your decision to use it in your final essay.
Research your topic in the library (and over the Internet, if you wish) to find a pool of arguments/articles on your subject.
Begin to to narrow your topic; decide what particular issue within that topic interests you. Narrow your pool of sources by determining which articles address that issue and which do not.
Select the source you want to evaluate for this assignment. Complete the source analysis worksheet on your source. Be as…