Difference Between Economic And Economic Power

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Ralu Nwosu
Civic and Economics
Mr. Manriquez
How should political and economical power be distributed in a society. Economic power should be held by those who have earned it. Political power should be held by elected officials who are responsible to their constituents. Since we have power is divided in our society most of the power is in our politicians we trust in and give our votes to. But when it comes to economical, some of the richest people in society share it too, but its not obvious. They have the money to have a say in society so they are also strong people and influences. The difference between political and economic power is the difference between plunder and production, between punishment and reward, between destruction and trade. I believe that economical power should be distributed more because political power is more classified as negative. In order for peace and sound mind, I think that as long as money is being influenced right and spread around proportionally no one would have problems. By having political power could lead to corruption or tyranny. As of an example of the Nucountry activity, The farmers and workers below everybody was suffering because they was not making enough money. They were basically becoming poorer and poorer. A direct democracy was voted on so they could have power also. But in the end of the day economical power would still be better because it can help everyone have the power of buying and trading in the