Difference Between Emerians And Mesopotamia

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iuaeo;leryqpirqWOIR YOCWW RUWI EPUYerb weee idontknowwhat im doing so sorry Apart from developing similar irrigation system both were greatly popular in trade. The Egyptians were the masters of trade, and Mesopotamia, which lacked in natural resources, depended on trade to bring in certain goods. The Sumerians and Egyptians learned how to irrigate their land which gave them the advantage of growing surplus food that was used to trade for goods and services. Among the precious resources of the Egyptians were gold, papyrus (Water plant to make a sheets for writing), linen and grain. Their trading partners sailed along the Nile River, which ran through the Egyptian civilization, in order to trade their goods. In exchange Egyptians would receive items not commonly found in Egypt: cedar wood from Lebanon; ebony and ivory from Africa; and incense, myrrh, and oils from Punt. Sumerians also made massive impact in trade, Mesopotamians had a very large supply of copper that was alloyed with tin and which resulted in the invention of cooper that was used in weapons, and they also invented the wheel that made trade so much easier for, not only the Sumerians, but other civilizations as well. I. Definition of Terms
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