Difference Between Slavery And Native American Slavery

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It is widely known that in the early 1600’s, African slaves were being shipped to the United States, but it is not commonly known that Native Americans were also included in slavery. These slave systems were similar, but they should be taught as two separate systems because there are differences between the two that should be shown and compared to show how America developed. The beginning of Native American slavery began before Columbus reached America. Indians were often enslaved by their own people in their Natal communities, which is one thing that distinguishes Indian slavery from African slavery. Enslavement raids happened often to capture Indians to be used for labor. In Africa, Africans were enslaved to pay off a debt or for a crime rather than through a raid. Indian slaves were essential to the economy and were used to mine, harvest crops, or as Genízaros, which is similar to a house servant. As Genízaros, Indian slaves had more benefits than those who worked in fields and mines, another difference from African slavery. Once Africans Arrived in the Colonies, they were given no rights and were mainly used for labor. As Europeans arrived in the United States, many Indians died from a lack of immunity to the microbes they brought with …show more content…
Indian slavery was more community based and developed in the Colonies before African slavery. Indians were also the main contributors to the enslavement of their own people. By learning this, it shows how the ties between Indians and Colonists developed and how a strain on goods led to a slave trade. African slavery was based on labor and continued on a lot longer than Indian slavery. There are pieces to both systems that are important to understanding the development of the Colonies and the relationships between the different groups of people, so they should be taught separately, but compared to see the