Difference Between Spain And Mexican Dance

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Difference between Mexico and Spain
Spanish Dance vs Mexican Dance
The thought of Spanish dance instantly makes us think up images of the strumming guitars, stomping feet and bright dresses of flamenco. Many people make a common connection between Spain and flamenco, an overabundance of traditional dance that is from Spain's various regions combine into the lengthy history of Spanish dance ("Enforex ", 2015).
Mexican music is known for its Mariachi bands. Four or five people on guitars form a typical Mariachi band, a guitarrĂ³n, which is a large bass guitar, violins, some vihuelas, which is a kind of guitar with a round back, and a harp with 28 to 40 strings. In some regions of Mexico, a small snare drum was usually included into the group. The term Mariachi comes from two of the many native languages of Mexico, the Nahuatl (Aztecs), and the Coca (Mayan). Originally, the word Mariachi referred to a dance performed by a group of dancers on a wooden platform. This means that the Mexican term Mariachi was an equal to the Spanish term Fandango. Nowadays, however, Mariachi refers to a certain music style, and to the band, that plays that music ("Facts About Mexico ", 2011)..
There are several difference between Mexico and Spain. The cultures have very similar characteristics however; Mexico is in South America while Spain is in Europe. Both Spanish and Mexican people speak the Spanish language. In Spain, the Spanish language appears to belong more to the ethnic group of descendants such as Aztec and Mayan. The Mexican Spanish language has a larger amount of English words in it ("Differences Between", 2012).
Mexican food is very different from Spanish cuisine. Most Mexican food can be eaten with your hands like taco or burritos, and bean and rice are the main substance to their meals. However most Spanish food is more of formal type setting when it comes to eating they use spoon, forks and knifes. Spanish cuisine has more of a Mediterranean influence