Difference in Christianity and Judaism Essay

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Christianity and Judaism are two different religions that are very different, but have some similarities too. One main difference is that the founder of Christianity was Jesus while the there is no founder of Judaism, but the religion traces its heritage back to when God made the covenant with Abraham that he would give him holy land and make him and his people sacred.
In Christianity the followers believe that Jesus is the savior that was crucified for our sins. In Judaism they believe that Jesus was just an ordinary prophet that was crucified because of his claim to be divine. Both religions believe in God and that he is the controller, but Christians believe in the trinity: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit where Jews just believe solely in God. They both also believe in angel being messengers of God.
Christians are believed to be born sinners needing salvation. Salvation is achieved in Christianity through Christ’ death and resurrection, followers are to have faith and believe and water baptism is a ritual performed to signify the Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. In Judaism people aren’t born sinners needing to be saved they are simply born as capable of free will of being righteous. Salvation is achieved through works, belief in God and complete faith.
The sacred text for Christians is the bible while Jews follow the Torah. The place of worship for Christians is a church and for Jews it is a synagogue. Christians pray on their own and in churches, there is no specific amount of times that they are supposed to pray where in Judaism followers are to pray three times daily with a fourth prayer added on Sabbath and holidays. Leaders in a Christian church are called Priests and they are supposed to have authority to perform certain sacred rituals while Jewish leaders are Rabbis and they are seen as being equal to the other adult males within the Jewish congregation, they are simply just teachers.
They also have very different views on the afterlife. Christians believe in heaven and hell while Jews do not have a view on the afterlife. Both religions believe that you should be good to everyone and their moral codes are based off of the Ten Commandments.
The goal of the Christians is to love God and obey his commandments while creating a relationship with Jesus Christ and spreading the word of God so that others can be saved. The goal of Jew is to celebrate life, fulfill the covenant with God, do good deeds and help repair the world.
Christians and Jews both observe a Sabbath, but the Christians Sabbath is a lot less restrictive and the Jewish Sabbath. Christians observe the Sabbath as a day of rest on Sunday as a sign of respect for the day God rested after he completed creation in six days. The Jewish Sabbath is held of Fridays and is very ritualistic. They have a meal and sing blessings and afterwards they are meant to study and not work or use any form of electricity.
Christians have