Essay on Difference in competencies between ADN and BSN

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DIFFERENCE IN COMPETENCIES BETWEEN ADN AND BSN A nurse is a healthcare professional who is trained care for sick. The key roles in nursing are promotion of health and prevention of illness, and also education, research, advocacy, health system management and promotion of safe environment. There are two different categories of nurses based on educational level. One is an Associate Degree Nurse (ADN), a 2 year program and other a Baccalaureate Degree Nurse (BSN), a four year program. Though educational programs are different, the students of each program have to pass the same NCLEX-RN examination to practice as nurses.. The following will give a good understanding of differences in competency between ADN and BSN Nurses.
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(Reams & Stricklin, 2006)
Scope of Practice
BSN provides additional education which will allows nurses to enter in various other specialties such as education, leadership, research and development, interdisciplinary collaboration, community and public health, and graduate studies, advance nursing practice and nurse anesthesia. . This includes acute care and long term care settings, hospitals, ambulatory care public health etc. (The Impact of Education, 2010) ADN has a small spectrum of opportunity. They are most wanted in a setting where bedside nursing and technical skills are mostly required. BSN is the threshold of any other higher education in nursing.

Patient Care Situation I was working on the postpartum floor when one of my vaginal delivery patient had a postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). I began doing things quickly; staring the IV, start the oxygen, check the VS, check the bleeding etc. The patient’s family came to me with many questions about PPH. I began to realize that some of these questions were beyond my knowledge. Then my coworker, a BSN, came to the rescue. She began thinking of why the patient was bleeding. She started check the patient’s history , how long she was in labor there is any episiotomy, laceration or hematoma and so many other things. I recognized that these are all things I would not have thought of to do. My coworker was capable of