Differences: Amanda Bynes and Role Model Essay

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Bad Role Models Not all celebrities or people are bad role models, but there are some celebrities, and people that make terrible bad role models. The reason is because kids see what's in the news everyday, online, and in magazines. Kids see and tend to mimic what others do. Thinking that what they do is okay even if it may be wrong. Not all role models are bad, some are good but bad role models are the ones we should not look up to. An example of a bad role model is Casey Anthony a mother of a 3 year old daughter, who has been in the headlines ever since she was accused of killing her daughter is definatley a bad role model. She did murder her beautiful daughter, and got away with it. She never revealed how she did it, constantly lied to the police about hers, and her daughters whereabouts, and DNA was even found in her trunk that she did in fact carry a dead body in there. Also days after the killing, she went out and partied with her friends as if nothing ever happened. She's definatley a bad role model who no one should look up to. Amanda Bynes a celebrity, who had her own show as a kid, is not anyone a kid should be looking up to. She is a retired actress, who kids loved and looked up to. Recently she's been all over the news for her terrible, and bizzare behavior. She was caught smoking pot in her apartment complex' lobby, has been arrested, and has made shocking online statements. She used to be a sweet girl that kids and adults loved, but she has rebelled and is no longer a good role model. Ariel Castro a regular person like you and I is one of the most monsterous person no one on earth should look up to not even his own