Differences Between Internal and External Motivation Essay

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Differences between Internal and External Motivation When asking the question "what is the difference between internal and external motivation?", one may assume that the answer is simple. At first glance, one would simply say that internal motivation is something that someone uses to motivate themselves from within. In the same sense, one would say that external motivation is something that a person would use to "motivate" others to accomplish a task or achieve a certain goal. Internal motivation is actually the only type of motivation. It is that silent and invisible feeling that comes from within. It makes people actually want to get up and do things. When someone sets themselves a goals to lose weight, they must have that …show more content…
In fact, the kids who would not receive a reward played with the magic markers twice as much as those who would receive a reward. (Tauer, 2009) The above study, shows to be true even in the military. As a Platoon Sergeant, you expect that your Soldiers will come to work on Monday morning with a fresh haircut, clean uniform, and all items that can be inspected, on their person. Yet, even with 8 years of service, I still find Soldiers that cannot get these basic and ingrained customs right. As a Soldier, you are required to at least do these fundamental task weekly. One's appearance is extremely important because it is what a complete stranger see's first. If you display a ragged haircut, wrinkled uniform, and do not have all your basic items on your person. Then you could be perceived to be a irresponsible, slob, who doesn't take their job seriously. Some Soldiers do the right thing every day, because they have internal motivation to do so day in and day out. They love their job, and love being a Soldier. Soldiers that have this internal motivation do everything they do, because it is in some regulation, or is an order given to them by a superior. But, ultimately, they enjoy being a Soldier and do not require anything else to influence their behavior. But, then you have the Soldiers that do not enjoy what they do. Soldiers who ultimately, volunteered to join the military, but choose to not do