Differences Between Romeo And Juliet Book And Movie

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Romeo and Juliet Comparison Essay Are movies and books different from each other? While reading and watching Romeo and Juliet, people could have noticed a few differences between the movie and book. The differences modified the tone and mood of the story. Some differences, even the smallest can change the mood or tone. A few differences are Romeo’s first love, or Juliet being worried. Even though the differences might not seem big, people may not notice how big of an impact they make. One of the many differences consists of Rosaline. In the book, before he met Juliet, Romeo is head over heels for Rosaline. In the movie, Rosaline’s first introduction consists of when Friar said, “Wast thou with Rosaline?”(Shakespeare 767). This changed the mood of the story completely. When people read the book, it is very clear that Juliet is not Romeo’s first love. However, in the movie, it appeared Juliet is his first love. This difference changed the mood of the story.
Another major difference lies when Romeo drinks the poison to die. In the book, Romeo visits the Apothecary to obtain the poison. Romeo asked the Apothecary for the poison by asking, “Let me have a dram of poison”(Shakespeare 835). In the movie, he just pulls the poison out of thin air. By pulling it out of thin air, there is no tension or build up to
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The difference can be found when Juliet states her worries about drinking the potion. In the book, Juliet says, “I have a faint cold fear thrills through my veins” (Shakespeare 821). However, in the movie, Juliet never states her fears. This changes the mood because in the book people knew Juliet worries about how the potion could fail. In the movie, Juliet did not worry about how the potion could fail. Juliet not worrying, left out an important part of the storyline. This difference changed the tone of Juliet taking the