Differences Between Serial And Psychopathic Killers

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The argument between whether or not a serial or psychopathic killer is born or made has been around for quite some time. It’s still hard to determine, but killers are often made through nurture. Murderers have been around for as long as humankind can remember. With a lot of research being done on this subject, it is clear to us that killers often have some brain differences between someone who is considered normal. Killers are often made through nurture due to traumatic experiences, however, often times they have what is called a “warrior” gene or other distinctions within a person, this causes there to be a difference between a normal person’s brain and killer’s brain. However, brain differences do not always determine whether or not someone will become a murderer or not. …show more content…
Which is why people cannot determine killers at a young age. They have, however, found similarities between most killers brains. To begin with, many killers share what is known as the “warrior” gene. This gene is said to regulate neurotransmitters that controls someone’s impulse. Individuals that are known to have this gene are seen to be more aggressive and are more likely to react in certain situations. Although the warrior gene is found in a lot of convicted murderers, it is also found in a lot of normal people. Which leads to the argument of killers being made through nurture because of environmental factors. Kids who are often neglected and mistreated usually acquire a lot of hate and become very violent. There have been some instances in which a kid is mistreated and like to take that anger out when something reminds them of a situation they encountered as a young