Differences Between The US's Government System And Other States

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America the Unusual, Ch.1: -Describes what chapters 1 through 4 are going to talk about: the differences between the U.S governmental system and other countries, why is the U.S different from other countries, and how U.S.’s government came to be what is to today.

Ch.2: -Talks about how the U.S.’s governmental system, which is comprised of three branches, the executive, legislative, and judiciary, is different from the parliamentary system and the hybrid which a mix of separation of powers and a parliamentary system.
-Federalism implied in the Constitution as a form of protecting states rights to local government—it’s a mix of separation of powers at a federal level with federalism.
-Compares the U.S.’s party system to that of a parliamentary system. A major difference is that of party loyalty which is found in a parliamentary system, while in the U.S House of Representatives constituent loyalty is more emphasized. U.S has an emphasis on removing individuals from office if they are no satisfactory to the electorate, while in parliament the constituents would remove the entire party.
-Gives another comparison between the parliamentary system and the U.S.’s, but this time it discusses the difference of running for office in a parliamentary system and the U.S.’s system. Clear differences would be: parliament would require that you have a parties’ support, while a representative would can pick whatever issues he chooses to want to address, uses his own or donated money…