Differences Between The War Of 1812 And 1850

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Although many things throughout history and today's world have changed , many have stayed the same. It is impossible to live in a society where everything throughout the years stays the same when there is so many things going on through the world. The war of 1812 and life today in Chicago can somewhat be compared by the neighborhood turf wars, immigration issues and cultural issues in a society. The period between 1777 and 1850 was a time for seeing great conflict between the groups that were struggling for political, social, cultural, and economic power. During this time, the war of 1812 had broke out due to the British invading the US again. After this, the nation only went onto a downward spiral. Many of American Indian peoples were forced off of their ancestral land either had to move westward or faced losing their lives. Now here we have something from so long ago sounding in comparison with things that are happening …show more content…
The British were forced out of Boston in 1776, but then captured and held in New York City during the time the war was going on. In 1803 president at the time, Thomas Jefferson brought the territory of Louisiana from the French government. To Jefferson, expanding westward was the key to the nation's health. He had believed that a republic depended on an independent citizenry for their survival. The westward expansion of the americans is one of the defining moments for 19th century american history. The westward expansion helped support the completion of the continental railroad in 1869. The Indians had to go to and from Georgia and