Differences in Chrisianity and Judaism Essay

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Christians have a mandate from Jesus to not separate love form justice. Christians face issues in society today they also must take a stand on to have compassion and a clear conscience before God. If they are "Evangelizing" then there must be "good works" that accompany this salvation they preach as James declares in his epistle. Christians take up social issues with Evolutionists and stand on "Creationism" holding to the Biblical account of the beginning of life and the inerrancy of Holy Scripture. As an answer to Abortion called "pro-choice", Christians are "pro-life" holding fast the value God places on all life as precious. As a response to Euthanasia, the Christian church responds with care of the elderly and the formation of homes to allow them to "die with dignity". To the issue of divorce that is rampant in society, the church of Jesus Christ has answered with the sacredness of the "covenant marriage" God gave as a bonding agreement that Christians keep as unto God Himself. Lifestyles of co-habitation of men and women without the bond of a marriage covenant the Christian church has proclaimed to those who are single to live for God, "asleep in Christ" until He awakens them to build a covenant. Until that time each bind themselves to be a "one man woman" or a "one woman man". To the "lifestyle" of homosexuality the Christian church has held to the depravity of man as the cause of any that would stray from the definition of marriage from scripture as, "one man, one woman". To global poverty the church has answered with evangelism and social responsibility that aids those who are in need. The social issue of "stem cell research" has had Christians take the stand that God alone is the author and giver of life. As society has changed to see more women in leadership, in the work place, and out of the care of home and family, Christians have stood firm, binding together a stronger extended family unit that helps raise and educate children and provide physical needs for one another. Human rights and ethnic diversities become non issues where love is prevalent and personal rights are yielded so that needs are met. Christians know that Jesus taught no race is preferred above another and it is by our unique qualities we are a diverse people who care for one another regardless of origin. Christians today face every social issue with singleness of vision on Christ and the pleasure of God as their goal. Because the Word of God is the Christian's standard and plumb line all issue must be measured by it and for God's glory.

The issues most affecting the Jewish community in the past few years will likely continue to have a profound effect on Jewish life and beliefs in the years to come. Issues such as anti-Semitism in America and the threat of it globally spreading are a constant threat to Judaism. Anti-Semitism arose during the crusades and the Jewish people have been living in the shadow of this oppression ever since. Other factors threatening the Jewish community include: ignorance of the Jewish religion, intermarriage, and constant wars in the Jewish homeland. Most Jewish people are ignorant of the strong Judaist beliefs that upheld them in the Old Testament.