Differences Of Dating In America

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I find a common statement used in sitcoms; where the young daughter whines, “mom if I am unable to date then how can I get to know which boy is the right boy”, this is a generalized version, rather redundant. Why would anyone choose to get more intimately involved with someone they did not know first? I also notice these statements are directed about a good looking kid, not an ugly duckling. Dating in our culture has led us to a place that no youth imagined, an era of epidemic divorce. Dating has evolved over time, and during this evolutionary leap, marriage has under gone a revolutionary change. I have heard sermons, seen new releases in books, and conservatives in general with claims on how to date the right way, marry the right way, be in a marriage the right way, or how to Kiss Dating Goodbye. I have as an American experienced the differences between arranged marriage principles and the more rampant American dating to get married approaches, many Americans are in the dark on what they are, and are not. By learning the truth about dating before marriage and not dating; along with, differences in arranged marriages, courting, dating, and cultural outlooks, we can learn how modern dating has led us to an …show more content…
Yet in this time of datings evolution divorce rates have went up. I meet more often those who are in their second or third marriage then those who have stayed true to their first vows. {reference numbers} Numbers dont lie but can be misrepresented. Yet we see that divorce is a problem now more then in days of arranged marriages and courtship. The causes for divorce are most often financial, yet {quote reference here} it was said if a person or family had a houshold income of over 34000 a year they were in the top 1% income earnings of the planet earth. How is financial a problem in a nation that is blessed beyond any in history with