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Essay 1 – Different types of guests have different accommodation requirements, for example leisure travellers need more information on hotel facilities and local attractions, while business travellers might place more emphasis on work space, task lighting and communications facilities (such as Wi-Fi). Explain, using relevant industry examples the accommodation requirements for the following types of guests:
-Female Business Travellers
-Disabled Guests
-A family travelling with an infant

Moderns marketing technologies are aimed to meet the needs of all types of costumers. Therefore many hotels are providing additional services for different types of costumers. This essay will define special requirements for the different types of costumers with examples from industry in next order: female’s business travellers, disabled guests and a family travelling with and infant.
For the last few decades significantly has increased amount of female’s business travellers. This type of business travellers has very similar to man business traveller’s needs such as conference rooms, free Wi-Fi, business centres etc. in addition women may need things such as women’s magazines, fresh flowers, comfortable beds and full-length mirrors. However according to article in [security management], women are more than mans interested in personal security. Therefore hotels are invented very successful product ‘only women floors. According to [telegraph] the first hotel in Europe which opened women-only floor was Hilton on Park Lane, in London. Interesting fact that introduction of this product caused criticism in society due it men's discrimination; despite of this, popularity of 'only woman floors' in hotels is constantly rising.
Another, significant group of travellers especially for London during it Paralympic games are disabled guests or guests with special needs. This group require many specific things such as wheelchair accessible rooms with accessible shower, lifts to all floors, large specially designed showers, raised toilets, grab rails. Some rooms should be adjoining in case care assistants needing to be close. The perfect example from the industry is [] which meet all mentioned above requirements and is fitted with an emergency call system linking rooms to reception…