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Find an experience that allows you to interact with a culture that is a different race, ethnicity, major religion, or sexual orientation from yours or one which represents a culture that is significantly different from your own in terms of one of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions.

This project is comprised of three parts:

1. Spend at least an hour at an event that immerses you in a different culture than yours. Examples of events might be a cultural festival, religious service, an art or music exhibition, or a family dinner/ party.

2. Spend an hour visiting and talking with an individual from that culture, where you learn about their culture and how it is similar to or different form yours. This person has to be from the same culture as the first part of your paper. You may want to ask the person you are interacting with questions raised from your first experience.

3. Write a 750-1000 word paper on what you observed and experienced during your interactions that was different or similar to your culture, and your reaction to what you saw, heard, and experienced. The paper should follow APA guidelines. For information on APA, see documents located in “Resources”. Submit your assignment using the link in Session 5.

Choosing a Culture The point of this assignment is to spend time with a cultural group that is different than your own. If you are white/Caucasian, then spending time with someone from Western Europe, Canada, or Australia is not likely to be a major difference in culture. Spending time with someone originally from Greece, however, would be appropriate because Greek culture is significantly different from American culture in terms of uncertainty-avoidance (US=lower uncertainty-avoidance; Greece= high uncertainty-avoidance culture).

If you have a significant relationship with someone of another culture, pick a different culture to experience. For example, if you are white and you are dating someone who is African-American, you should look for an Asian, African, Latino, Native American, or Middle Eastern cultural experience.

Use a new experience. You may have visited Mexico in the past or served in Japan while in the military. These are valuable experiences, but to earn credit for this