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The opponents of globalization focus their criticism on the role of globalization in homogenizing the world and driving wages and prices to a minimum. Supporters argue that lower prices and greater opportunities are worth the costs that come at the price of industrial development. The process of globalization leads to the spread of democracy. Democracy is promoted worldwide because democratic values ensure everyone’s basic rights. However the spread of democracy has the potential for creating great harm in developing countries if they do not have the necessary political and social structure. The one-party political system is usually restrictive because its motivation is to stay in power. While it is not a good thing for the government to limit the freedom of those who live under its rule, it has the virtue of ensuring social stability so that the government can undertake different programs aimed at economic development. One of the most important things that facilitate economic development is education. Education is necessary if the nation-state is to energize the economy by means of technological evolution . The process of economic development goes through several stages depending on which sector of the economy it is relying on . In the beginning , the economy subsists agricultural output . However the agricultural sector cannot sustain economic development for long because the land available for agricultural activities shrinks as the size of the population grows Therefore, ultimately the government has to rely on technology in to enhance productivity on the land available. For this reason education is vital for launching economic development and for maintaining its momentum
The recipe for globalization is a recipe for destruction. Consumers in the nation-state who have had a wide array of choices opened up to them overnight as a result of globalization can hardly be expected to confine their purchasing habits to the organization of their own country when there are foreign organizations selling the same product with higher quality coming to them at a lower price . Therefore, organizations confined to domestic operations in the nation-state exposed to globalization for the first time will be wiped out as a result of disappearing demand for their products. In to survive , these businesses turn to the government for assistance . This distorts the most important operating principle of the free market economy in which governments cannot interfere to alter how market forces operate. Because local business cannot survive on their own however , the government has to put up aid in the form of subsidies and trade tariffs which have the effect of limiting international trade. Government aid balances the scales somewhat in the form of subsidies enabling local businesses to make their products more affordable and in the form of trade tariffs forcing foreign businesses to set their prices higher. However the money for subsidies has to come from somewhere and this is where the welfare state suffers. Under globalization, the government prioritizes aiding local businesses