The Ideas Of My Identity

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My ideas about my identity have changed so much over time because I have changed a lot as a person throughout my seventeen years of living. Types of clothes that you wear really show the type of person you are. Because there are so many different styles nowadays you can really tell a lot about a person by what type of clothing they are into. My style shows that I’m laid back but I also put a lot of money and effort into the clothes that I buy, which shows that I am really into fashion also. I’m always wearing something that I feel comfortable in, and I make sure that even if it isn’t the best piece of clothing that I own, it still looks like it is. Clothing and fashion are definitely a big part of my life which says a lot about my personality. Music is something that I couldn’t go a day without. I listen to many different types of genres of music, ranging from Country music to Alternative. My personality changes every day depending on what type of mood I’m in that day and music just adds to it. When I listen to music it changes my attitude and my mood. One day I can be completely on top of the world, listening to music that makes me want to go out and have fun, or I can be listening to sad music that reminds me of things that I don’t want to remember and it can instantly change my mood. Music definitely alters my personality. The way I act says a lot about my personality. I can come off as really sweet and innocent, but I’m the type of person who doesn’t let anyone