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Different Siblings When people see my kids Ha’kim and Keiora together, they know that they are related because they look so much alike. Ha’kim is taller than Keiora and she is shorter than him. They both also have brown narrow eyes, however their personalities,activities and interests couldn’t be more different. Ha’kim is the serious one when it comes down to certain things, Keiora is the silly one everything is funny to her. Even though my children are different my family wouldn't be the same without them. Hakim is well organized, he doesn't like to have his belongings all over the place. If he placed an item and a particular spot and he goes to get it and it’s not there he becomes upset. Sometimes when he does get upset I try to make a joke out of the situation to let him know that it’s not that serious, and that we will find out what happen to the item that was misplaced. So by me making a joke out of the situation while looking for the misplace item he makes little jokes to help lighten the situation, I even catch him doing it to Keiora when she has misplaced an item.
However, when it comes down to him getting dressed for the day he has to match. Ha’kim consider his self to be a ladie’s man so if he not matching than, he thinks that the ladies will not notice him. Otherwise, he loves to play video games like mortal kombat, race cars, basketball and kinect sports. If he doesn't have anything to do, then he is in front of the television playing video games; far as outside play goes if the weather is warm and not too hot he will spend hour or two outdoors. However, he doesn't like to be sweaty or get dirty because as soon as he does he will be ready to come inside and take a bath. Keiora on the other hand is very unorganized. Everything will just be a mess around her it seems to her that it better that way. So in that case if something is misplace she will just throw things around until she finds what it is she is looking for, she doesn’t understand that if her room is organized then she will be able to find her belongings. Far as appearance goes it doesn’t matter to her as long as she has some clothes and shoes on she is good to go. Although keiora doesn't care much about her appearances she loves for her hair to be done whether it's wearing a ponytail, braids or just letting her hair hang. Keiora personality is the complete opposite of Ha’kim,…