Different Styles Of Parenting

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25 March 2015
Different Styles of Parenting
The way the society raises their children varies throughout numerous families and traditions. Some parents believe that it is best to shelter your kids from the harsh environment, while others believe that your kids should be free to make their own choices. It is proven that both of these parenting styles create successful individuals in the future, but sometimes there are limits to what you should let your children go through while raising them.
The story “Amy Chua is a Wimp” is about a stern Chinese mother who raised her daughters with extremely high expectations. She didn't let them have any freedom to have a social life; instead, she chiseled into their brains her idea success. Chua didn't settle for anything less than perfect from her children. She believes that “American parents lack authority and produce entitled children who aren't forced to live up to their abilities” (Brooks, 58). In my opinion, yes Americans may be more cuddling than other cultures, but it doesn't mean that we are raising our children in the wrong manner. Whether you are a strict or embracing mother, your child will have the potential and ability to accomplish anything in life. Every style of parenting is different, but any style of parenting can create a victorious human being.
Sheltering your children from the outside world is not always the best option to keep them safe. Chua never allowed her children to attend a sleepover or to be apart of any team, she felt that this would make her children independent. However, these type of relations are

Breaux 2! important for social fulfillment. “She’s protecting them from the most intellectually demanding activities because she doesn't understand what’s cognitively difficult and what isn’t (Brooks, 58).
It is very important for humans to work together and to socialize with each other. By doing this you come to an understanding of various aspects. You're able to create social connections, learn from others experiences, and get a better comprehension of how to adapt to the environment.
Chua on the other hand, believes that these things are not important for living a triumphant life.
She believes that spending long hours on studying and mastering a musical instrument is ideal, and important for further achievement. Even though Chua’s children are academically prosperous, she is pampering them in an