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Primary Research
This is information which the business has to collect as this information doesn’t exist which means the information as to be collected from its own research. This means the information will be new and particular to the purpose of your business.
This can be done by the business giving customers test marketing, questionnaires, face to face, postal, telephone and online information.
Methods of primary research:
A questionnaire is getting an idea of the age range of people what would buy your product or service on a sheet they just need to fill it this can be a tick list will just different types of ideas this is a good way of finding your marketing research as you can give the customers of different age range which suits your product and finding out what ideas they like to make your product or service better.
Test Marketing
This is when you go out to customers and give them samples of your product or information about your service and ask them which one they would prefer and why, so this will give you better information from the person as you are face to face and have better information from them as they can ask questions if they are not sure about anything.
Face to face
This can be one of the best form of survey as you are finding out more detailed information of the person as you want more information for your product or service making sure it is what the customers need and want, as this can give you a better idea on what the customers like and what they dislike so you can change it, as this is face to face they will give straight forward answers making sure you get an answer.
This is making a phone call to people giving them an idea of your product or service and asking them for an insight of their opinion, this will be discussing your product or service to the person on a telephone call. This cannot be a very good way of marketing research as the person you’re on the phone to can get bored and or be busy and give an answer saying they are business will just out the phone down.

Secondary Research
Secondary research, also known as desk research is the assembly, collation and analysis of existing or 'second-hand' marketing data. This process is cheaper than primary research, but the data may be less relevant as it was not collected for the specific needs of the firm and may already be out of date. This is information which is already there for you which means it is existing information there for you rather than finding out new information e.g. like primary research.. Will secondary research they come in to different types which are; Internal: annual reports, sales data, customer records and survey, client databases, payment records. External: government data, national and local media, competitor reports, reports of marketing research companies, trade association data and reports, company websites
Internal sources; this means the information is already existing for you inside the business, this information will be already existing for another marketing