Different Types Of Bosses Essay

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Thalia Morales- Mendez
RDG 091
Professor Hitesman
16 June 2014

Different Types of Bosses

“She can work on answering our questions straight forward.” As one boss would say. Or “I don’t like the way she dressed, that is so unprofessional.” Noticed that one of them has their own special world that we could also consider as their different characteristics. Bad and or good bosses are out there- in every industry at every level, at every organization. They usually come in one of a few identifiable varieties. These are just some of the four common types of bad bosses, plus tips on handling them.
One of the out of the four is a boss who is the intimidator. Aggressive by nature which also means that they get pissed off easily/have a short fuse. He has an ego while in his office meaning he clearly thinks he is really cool and important, or it could also mean he is really insecure about his own importance and always needing confirmation of it. It also is difficult to overcome insecurities and become a confident person. They also typically try to get things done only with commands. By doing this he believes that much yelling, shouting and showing others who is the boss will lessen the grip on employees. If it the situation asks for it he may turn to threatening employees. All of these tactics are just a few ways he uses to run his show as if he were running a criminal gang because he doesn’t want to lose the effect on employees.
Another boss may also be commonly referred to as the boss that just wants to flourish his power. This type may be uncertain of himself almost as insecure, but he takes pride in waving his power and authority whether it would be at home or work. Gives his co-workers the impression of being in control although he lacks confidence. In a type of situation where an employee be bullying another employee he pretends to not have seen the situation or any mistake. It could be the fact that he is preoccupied with wanting to have other things under control or gaining power above all. The only safe thing to say when handling this type of character is to just show he is respected and continue to letting him believe that he is the “Big Boss.”
This leads us to the next one, how can anyone forget of course the boss with superiority complex. Which when once approach may have the edgy appearance and an edgy appearance by nature. At times he may have the affect or making his employees seem nervous only to the fact of what he is going to say next. Has a close eye on the employees, looking for any types…