Different Types Of Natural Disasters

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Stephanie Villegas
Dr. Brown
SOC 105 010 Anywhere you go you will find that there is at least one natural disaster that can happen while you are living there. You may not think so but there is actually many different types of natural disasters. They can range from anything such as hurricanes and tornadoes to floods and fires or even earthquakes and tsunamis. These are normal occurrences that happen in nature. Well they used to be. Human activity has now influenced natural disasters in many ways. Many natural disasters now a days are actually being caused by yours truly. It is we the people. It’s great that we’re thriving but it’s at the expense of our world. We influence many disasters such as droughts, landslides, floods and even hurricanes. We cut down all the trees, which is a great way to control flooding, we create pollution which adds to our now warming atmosphere. The main reason that these disasters are so devastating is because people choose to build the biggest cities where it is known that there are many occurring disasters. Florida is favorite spot for hurricanes since it is right near the gulf where hurricanes are known to occur. Despite knowing this Florida has many residents at risk. We can now predict a majority of them and we can warn people earlier. The problem of how fast we alert people is the issue. They send out alerts last minute so many get stuck and have to stay where they are and wait it out. After said hurricane has struck, we have response teams come in and assess the damage. Many families are not as prepared as they should be. The poor and homeless are always the ones that are more at risk when it comes to them. We have shelters where people can go to seek shelter from future storms. There will always be those individuals who refuse to move out of harm’s way. As long