Different Ways Audiences Will Respond To GTA IV Essay

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Different ways audiences will respond to GTA IV
There are many ways that audiences respond to texts, reception theory is the three ways that audience can perceive a text. Preferred reading is when audiences agree with the ideas that are placed in a text by the producer, negotiated readings is when an audience reject SOME ideas that are placed within a media text but still agree with other aspects of it and an opposed reading is when the audience doesn’t agree with any ideas that are placed in the text by the producers.; GTA IV was a very controversial text for its violent nature that is able to be controlled by the player. The game allowed the player to control a character (Niko Bellic) in third person and allowed the player to make decisions and choose how they want to play, which attracted escapist because it allowed people to live out and control a different life in the game that they wouldn’t be able to live out in real life for example the life in new York with websites like the love-meet.com which is a parody dating site created within the game. these parody elements that are implemented in the game created preferred readings from people like post modernists because the city is a hyper realistic world that parodies life in new York and makes fun of and exaggerates for example the life of a hegemonic male in the ‘what kind of man are you?’ quiz.
Negotiated readings may come from girl gamers because they will accept the nature of the game and being able to create