Essay on Different Ways to Prepare for Tests

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There are many ways to prepare for test taking. Some of these procedure include: doing daily reviews, creating study checklists, create mind map summary sheets, create flash cards monitor your reviews, take practice tests and get copies of old exams. Also there are some tips to help you to better succeed while taking a test. Some include: be early, skim through the different types of questions on the test, and answer the shortest easiest questions first. Doing daily reviews of your material can help your mind absorb, and retain more information of your assessments and reading materials. Daily reviews can help your grasp a better understanding of what you have read , and can help you to retain the information for longer periods of time . Creating study checklists can help you organize what you plan to study, where, and when. When creating mind map summaries you should try to make a mind map of what you already know off the top of your head, to review what you already know by heart, and then go back in and fill the rest in later. When you show up early on test day it allows you some time to relax and get your thoughts in order for the test, so you will be more focused and alert, which will lead to higher success. Skimming through the different questions on the test will allow you to know how much time you need to spend on each section. Answering the shortest and easiest questions first allows you an early sense of accomplishment which will trick your mind into getting all…