Differentiating Between Public And Private Organizations Essay

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Differentiating Between Public and Private Organizations
Latisha Hargrove

There are many social policies that could affect my future as a human service worker, and it also could depend on the different departments that I could work in and the job title I might have. One of the problems that I could face would be changes in the welfare system. If the benefits are cut or taken away, it could have a detrimental effect on many lives and if I was working on a case for a client, it could have an impact on are client and worker relationship. Also changes in the welfare system could affect my job. When it comes to public funding and private funding, there are many differences when it comes down to receiving funding and qualifying. When trying to receive public funding, it’s available to a wider group of organizations even if it’s for-profit or nonprofit. Also public funding focus on functions that are impacting different groups in society. And application process is more firm and available for the public. Private funding, they are more likely focus on emerging issues and current needs. Also can be more flexible in responding to unique needs and circumstances. There are disadvantages to both private and public funding. Public funding could have changes in political trends and affect the security of programs and funds are subject to change. Private funding usually have a smaller grant size and priorities can be up for change and the continuation of…