Difficult Decision In My Life

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A friend once told me, “Change can be a very difficult, especially when you have to give up everything that you’re used to.” That same friend also told me that change can also be very exciting, such as experiencing new things. This opportunity would allow me to have a new place to live, new people to meet and new challenges to change my life for the better. Although I was scared and nervous to leave everything I was used to, I was also excited and ready to begin the next chapter in my life. That is why the most difficult decision I have ever had to make was to move three thousand miles away. It was a very hard decision to leave friends, family and everything I knew behind.
As graduation rapidly approached, the fear that I focused on were constantly going through my mind. I had constant worries about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew that the next step regardless of what occupation I wanted to go in was to attend college. At the time, I was living in a small town, and that made it very difficult to attend a good college due to the distance. After discussing this with my parents, we came to a unanimous decision for me to move to Florida and live with my grandparents. This would enable me to attend college and prepare for my future. Although this decision I was embarking on sounded like the best thing for me to do, I was still just a young teenager scared of what lied in my future. The part that scared me the most was leaving my life as I knew it behind. I knew that moving was the right choice, yet I couldn’t help feeling that somehow I was making a big mistake.
Time passed quickly and before I knew it, the time had come for me to start packing and preparing to move. Even though I had made up my mind about moving, weeks before the move I was still having second thoughts about leaving my friends and family behind. It was a conversation with my mother that reassured me about how this move would benefit me. Two to three days before my flight to Florida, my decision was finally becoming a reality, and soon I would be starting a new life in a strange place, but the hardest part was not knowing what lay in the weeks ahead, and not having the comfort of familiarity.
Looking back now after living in Florida for almost four years, I would not change a thing, about the decision that I had made. At