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Difficult Teenage Life

As i think back on all my years, the most difficult time was when I faced the death of my great grandma, and grandfather. They both died within 3 months or each other. My great grandmother was on my dad’s side. My great grandad was on my mom’s side. It proved to be difficult because it all happened in the same time frame. My great grandmother was someone who wanted to help everyone who was around her have an very good time, no matter how hard it was. She was also my family’s rock, or backbone I shall say. My great grandad was the laid back type. He was always there when anyone needed him to be. Everyone was affected by the situation because everyone in my family were real close to either my grandma, or my grandfather.My great grandmother died due to Stage 4 Cancer, which was the worst form of Cancer there is. She never told us until she was on her death bed, which was very hard for us. My grandad died due to being sick for many years. None of my family knew he was going to die until he was on his death bed. The situation took place from August 2010 until November 2012. The sorrow and hurt we have will live on forever. Every year we get together (on both sides) to reminisce on the times we shared with them. With doing this, it makes us feel like they are still here with us today. In reality, they are still here spiritually, but there body is just gone to another place. The situation ended when we all tried to forget that they were gone to a much better place. Its not that we didn’t care about them passing away though. They would have wanted us to not cry and live life. We still carry on their long lives and legacy today. I learned from this happening, is that everyone has a time or a place. Get ready because you never know when that time will come. This situation spoke to me and told me to get my life right with God. God is going to send for you when he thinks that your time is up. The positive things out of this situation is that I was able to get saved. It was my decision that I came up with on my own to get saved. I made this decision in the beginning of 2013. I was later Baptized in the Summer of 2013. The death of my great grandad and grandmother has been the hardest time in my life. It was hard for me because i was very close to the both of them. When I think back on their death, I think it brought out the real strength in me! It showed that i was stronger than I ever thought I could be. Their death closed two chapters in my life, but it also opened up a new chapter, which led me to being a child of God, Christian, and someone who believer in God. My great grandparents taught me a whole lot in my lifetime. They showed me how to