Life In 7-11

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Life in 7-11 is exhausting

Do managers realize the stress they put on workers? Do they even realize the fact that we are human beings just like them? Do they even bother about the health of a worker? After joining 7-11, my life became turbulent. Working in 7-11 is tough because schedule is always flexible, workload given to me and pressure from managers to achieve goals every day.
Having fixed timings and schedule helps a lot to plan things out, but I guess it’s not the same with working in 7-11.People never have a fixed schedule and have to expect calls at any time for work. At first I had schedule to work in a week, but after a while everything changed. I had to work extra hours to cover co-workers every time; working for long hours on a weekend. If I ever say no to cover up for other person, my manager would say,”Don’t come in for tomorrow. ” Once on a Saturday he called me up at eight in the morning saying he needs me to be at the store by nine because a person did not show up and that I have to fill his hours . I had worked late last night, yet of all the people he calls me to do a twelve hour shift.
As soon as I start enter the store, I have to sweep the whole parking lot, change the all the garbage bags and then clean the store. After this I have to clean the coffee table, check if the coffees’ are fresh or not and change them accordingly; then I have to check the grill and make sure that all the food is fresh. After making sure everything is good, I enter the worst place in 7-11, “The Cooler”. It is the worst place because workers have to lift heavy boxes and fill up all the empty shelves; this process takes about two hours and after filling everything up in the cooler, I feel like a sixty year old man; with my hand on my back. Filling the cooler was not enough, I have to check item in the store and start with ordering. The machine given to us for ordering is ridiculously slow; I think it was made in when the first computer was manufactured. It is so slow and frustrating that sometimes I just want to smash it. After ordering the last thing I have to do is close my shift and make cash reports for the shift, count the change box and make sure all the big bills are dropped in the safe. The manager should understand it that I am only human and not superman to do this much work, but he does not care nor does he make an effort to hire an extra person so that workload could be evenly distributed. He just looks after his needs and…