Interracial Dating Essay

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Difficulties with interracial dating

Dating is never an easy task for anyone. It’s usually awkward at first because your trying to get to know each other, when your practically strangers. I have found that communication is very hard for me when dating. I am a Lebanese man who likes to date American woman and this is sometimes a tricky task for me. Another issue I have had is family acceptance her family or mine. Cultural differences are also a very big problem when dating someone so different from your self. When I go out on a first date, I like to talk about common interests and tell her about myself. But just having a conversation with my date can be very difficult because English is not my first language. In Lebanon we speak Arabic, so when I am talking to my date I worry that she may take what I’m saying the wrong way. Or she may not even understand what I say because of my accent and become uncomfortable or lose interest in me. This is why communication is a huge issue for me when dating because I know exactly what I am feeling how to say it in Arabic but she definitely would not understand that. Going to meet a girl’s parents for the first time I’m usually very nervous. Even more so because of all of the stereotypes that some Americans have towards people from the middle east, because of the war. For an example I dated a girl one time that as soon as I met her parents she told me she could not see me anymore because her parents only wanted her to date American men. I honestly don’t understand this, my parents would rather I date or marry someone from Lebanon but they love me and know that it is my decision. They would be happy for me if the person made me happy. Another difficulty I have faces are the cultural differences. When I date a girl not only do I like to meet her parents but I like to introduce her to mine also. One way I have tried this is to have her come to my house for dinner, my mother loves to cook for guests. And one time I had a girl over and she did not like our food this made her uncomfortable. She didn’t like the