Digging: Seamus Heaney and Narrator Essay

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BY. Seamus Heaney
In the “digging”, by S.H, The speaker appreciates the hard work of the father and the narrator. At the begging of the poem, the narrator described “ The squat pen rests; snug as a gun”. The narrator thinks his pen is as powerful as a weapon which can help achieve his goals without any violences and it also shows that the narrator is proud of he has this writing skill. Then the narrator described his father digging potato drills and the grandfather cutting turf in farmland. They are both working hard in physically and the skill of digging is transferred by generation from “ my grandfather cut more turn in a day Than any other man on Toner’s bog.” The narrator chose a different carrier with his family’s traction. In line 5, “ My father, digging. I look down. Till his straining rump among the flowerbeds.” The narrator described his action in here was looking from a higher place than his father. Thus he is superior his skill than his father’ physical hard works. After that, the narrator wrote “ Through living roots awaken in my head. But I’ve no spade to follow men like them.” after he described how his father and grandfather work hard in farmland. This line shows that the narrator understand his father and grandfather are connected with him by blood like “roots” and he also get the skill from family that makes them become a hard worker even though he doesn't use a spade for working. In the end of the poem, the