The Correct Analysis Of Year 4 Projected Cell Phone Orders

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In order to give Mr. Smithers the correct analysis of “year 4” projected cell phone orders, Paul needs to put together a regression analysis by looking at the orders for the past 36 months (the past 3 years). When looking at the past orders, Paul will then be able to analyze months 37-49 (year 4) and give this analysis to Mr. Smithers with a spread sheet and facts that prove these numbers accordingly. In order to come up with “Year 4” numbers I used my graphing calculator. First I clicked Stat, Edit, Then put in numbers 1 through 36 under L 1. In L 2 I then put all of the numbers that Mr. Smithers gave me for the previous case orders for the past 36 months. Then I clicked Stat, moved to the right, hit Lin Regression and enter. I then clicked the 2nd button, #1, the 2nd button again, 32, then VARS and Y 1.
Once I got through this, I then looked at the graph I created. When looking at the X and Y axis, I am able to tell the month number and the number of cases. The X axis is the number of months we are looking at. The Y axis is the number of cases that were purchased. By looking at the slope line that was created I can scroll over this line and while continuing to stay on the line I can see how many cases will be needed in the future. When X is between 37 – 39, Mr. Smither’s will be able to see how many cases (Y axis) he should order for months 37-39. On my excel sheet you can see in green “Year 4” projected cases he should order. You can also view the correlation