Digital Dark Age Essay

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Today’s world has become digitalized where every record of any small thing has been stored in the electronically. Many Tera bytes or mare data is being generated each and every day. These are stored electronically because they can be reviewed back easily than the manually stored data which may take time for ever.
Data is a very important as every small company to a big company is using the computers. Small data to big data. Small organization to a bog organization has to store the data. Where in these databases plays a major role. Changing the data from one format other format is complicated thing. This leads to the dark age in the digital world.
Every day and every hour thousands of photo graphs have been uploaded into the social media. Where large amount of the data has been used to stored them. Many famous social networking sites have to maintain the data from the day of account created. These have to be maintained for ever with each likes, posts, shares, dislikes and so on.
The expected future where the electronic historical data may not be available for the future is the Digital Dark Age. This is an experienced stage for all the companies which occur due to the failure in the support of the file formats. In the past there is a heavy loss of the data while windows generation has to change to the Microsoft Word. This change had made a huge loss in the data due to the mismatch of the data format.
It has been warned by the Google vice president Vint Cerf to all the