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ENC 1101 N1
Essay 2: Cause and Effect
September 17, 2013
The Availability of Technology. We live in a society where most people rely on the availability of technology, from cellphones to computers and even electric cars. During the past five years, the internet has been quickly developing in many ways. Even though it has helped many with easier ways of performing business, it has also caused an increase in job loss. When we look at our society using this electronic devices we are missing out on the fact that it has been changing the ways we live. Some for the good and some for the bad. Not ruling out the fact that technology has expand business and companies in usage, customer base and growth. Having access to the internet and other technology has helped us become more efficient and mobile but at the same time loss in interpersonal communication.
Which leads into the digital divide. About half a decade ago, we would have been talking about those with and those without technology. In today’s society that has not changed. It is simply separated by the poor, elderly and handicap to the wealthy and young Americans living in urban areas. “Almost 72 percent of Americans use the Internet at some location” (Tripp, L 2011) The most current locations for Internet usage beside the home are the workplace and school, continued by public libraries or a friend’s home. Affordability is still an issue in this matter, if these people don’t have access to technology, they will be left behind in the digital dark ages. The rate of unemployment has been rising for the simple reason of new technology. Even though using applications on our cellphones and things such as advanced open road tolling has made it much easier to commute in our day to day living. From not having to go into a branch to make a check deposit to not needing to go into a specific store to pay for your bill. Not only that but also the use of employees ringing our store items. Consequently this is causing many individuals to be out of a job. From my personal experience, I have been seeing this change by the toll systems alterations. From the change of man labor to software technology advances.
In the work place, technology has saved time by speeding up the work process. Simple things such as; digital filling systems, saving space, paper and printing costs. These systems are used on a daily basis for allowing corrections to be made instantly. Resources like these help access information by a click of a button. We can’t forget our most important factor which is communication. For instance; we aren’t limited to phone calls or internet access. Emails play a big role because it has become a way for people to communicate easier. They prefer to write an email instead of speaking by phone.
Therefore, the need of technology in the Business field is extremely important. Not having the necessary technology can decrease the productivity in a company in varies ways. For example, the need of internet and access to emails are essential for communication. Out of the office handheld devices, cell phones and laptop are a priority for a company efficiency. Furthermore the use of manually filing transitioned to digital systems freeing space and allowing quick access. This information is an important element in business growing ability and will be essential in years to come.
According to an article The World Wide Web population has increased by a double in the past five years. Not only are children using these electronic devices but also seniors are beginning to get more acquainted with this new movement. The problem here is what it’s causing these individuals by the usage of these electronic devices. “In a study made by The U.S Department of Health and Human Services it has been found that the lack of physical activity due to the rise of new technology especially the internet has increased