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Digital Fluency Mathematics & Study Skills
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This essay will discuss the cause of Endometriosis, diagnoses via laparoscopy and the many medical and surgical treatments offered to the 176 million women worldwide who suffer from this disease. (Endometriosis New Zealand n.d)

Endometriosis occurs when endometrial tissue is found outside of the uterus in such places as the ovaries, pelvic region, bowel, as well as many other places within the body some of which are not as common, this tissue is very similar to that of the lining of the uterus. (Endometriosis New Zealand n.d)
“Auckland District Health Board” (n.d.) states that cysts can form and grow with each period and as a result of endometriosis, scar tissue can also form, when this happens within the walls of the uterus it is called adenomyosis.

“Health Navigator New Zealand” (2014) Endometriosis difficult to diagnose. The best test is a laparoscopy, a surgical procedure that involves inserting a special scope inside the abdomen. Through this, the operator can see any patches of endometriosis and if there are any complications such as adhesions.

Treatments for Endometriosis are broken down into two areas, Surgical and Medical. Mayo Clinic (1998-2015) note that hormonal therapy is not a lasting fix for endometriosis, and that it is possible you may experience a reoccurrence of your symptoms after stopping any of the treatments.
There are five main categories for medical treatments that are used. (ENZ n.d.)
Oral contraception pills are effective in lowering the pain experienced during menstruation, these work by supressing ovulation and cause lighter periods. Mayo Clinic (1998-2015)
Progestogens as a synthetic steroid either in tablet or injection form (Depo Provera), in both forms they can cause your period to stop for a number of months but they aren’t recommended to take for longer than 12months without a break. AUDB (n.d)
Androgens such as Danazol, which also is a synthetic steroid, supresses the growth of the tissue by blocking the production of certain hormones, also preventing menstruation. (Ballweg, 2003)
Intra-Uterine system – Marina last for up to five years, they work by having an implant inserted by a doctor, it makes monthly periods lighter and shorter. This option is offered to women who have children or aren’t planning to conceive in the near future. AUDB (n.d)
GnRH is an abbreviation for Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone, this works by switching off the release of hormones which then prevent the production of oestrogen. AUDB (n.d) “Auckland District Health Board” (n.d) have noted that there are currently a number of these preparations available within New Zealand. AUDB (n.d)

Two types of surgery offered to women are Laparoscopic and Hysterectomy’s, Laparoscopic surgery is a definitive way to tell if a women has endometriosis. Any endometriosis that is found will be removed either by being cut, lasered or burnt away depending on which option the surgeon thinks is necessary. (ENZ n.d.)A Hysterectomy is considered when the uterus has been severely affected by endometriosis and patients suffer with immense pain. This is the last option any surgeon wants to use as it will disable further conception. (Molloy, 2006)

In Summary Endometriosis is a disease commonly found within the uterus and will continue to affect many women worldwide. Although there are treatments, there is no known cure, which results in many women either going undiagnosed, or having to wait long periods of time to receive treatment.


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