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Panama canal questions





Kyra Bystry The advantages to the united states of having a canal connecting the Atlantic and
Pacific oceans under the united states control would be primarily the usage of this canal for military ships. The canal was built briefly after the Spanish­American war, where it could have been incredibly helpful. As imperialists and a country who just wanted to be full of power everywhere in the world, the canal presented opportunity for military use and for economic gain. At that time the most war power you had was naval, whoever had the strongest navy had the best chances of winning. This caused more desire for the canal because of the recent war position where navy was needed, but it took much much longer to travel around the area the canal cut through. The economic impact was also huge, due to the canal, there could be simplified trade between the two most used oceans in the world.Though of course, this was an excuse for the US to declare itself as a needed “helper” throughout the world. Basically, the
Panama canal was used to like the newly developed Pacific importance, to the United
States original Atlantic.
The US was in a better position to build this canal because they had just gotten control of Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and Cuba. This meant they owned a decent amount of islands in that surrounding area and that they were becoming more and more powerful. At the time, the US was recovering from the Spanish­American war, and a project like this could help their economy by providing jobs and later increasing trade while decreasing prices and shipping times. The US basically was the reason that
Panama succeeded from Columbia anyway, so why not, right?
The Drago Doctrine said that the US had no right whatsoever to invade the Latin
American countries privacy and collect money to “help” them, while Roosevelt's
Corollary stated that the US needed to help these countries and be “international police” for these countries and they are needed to help them not be disturbed by the
Europeans. I agree more with the Drago Doctrine because the US really has no right to claim that another country needs their help, or to claim they need to police other countries like they are the parent of all children countries.I think, the US should really just mind their own business. When the entire issue with Venezuela happened, the US wasn't at all involved but they just had to get in there.
The circumstances relating to the application of the monroe doctrine to the Dominican
Republic were the economic crisis that the D.R. went into, which caused Roosevelt to use the Dominican Republic as his first chance to use his corollary. The situation after this was the negotiation with the Dominican Republic to assure that only the US…