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Executive summary
H&M which is a famous and global chain clothing company, located in many different countries. As an international chain clothes shop, it is a successful clothing company in the world and according from an article in BusinessWeek (2002) states that in H&M was leading the market versus its major competitors, Gap and Zara. Although this brand name is common in the world, still have to increase the brand recognition, and also build up the engagement and loyalty with customers. Nevertheless, now they are going to build a market in Japan, try to expanse to the world. And it keeps being market leader in the fashion market. In addition, they did many promotions to let customer know them more, for example some events, or own company magazines. For some digital marketing, they have an official website, FACEBOOK, Twitter and YOUTUBE, also they have a locate stores app for customers. After gathering all the points, H&M got many benefits of digital marketing. However, they still can do more improvement from the other ways. All in all their promotions of digital marketing is successful.

Main content 1. History of H&M * H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a global clothing company which is a popular chain clothes shop which is selling different style clothes and accessories for women, men, teens and child in the UK. * It mainly operates in North America, Europe, and Asia and the company’s headquarters is located in Sweden. And they stationed their shops in highly profitable cities in order to achieve the most benefits of the company. * Also, it operates 2000 more stores in 34 different countries and there are over 87000 employees * H&M business model is business to customers (B2C) which means Business or transactions conducted directly between a company and consumers who are the end-users of its products or services such as H&M is selling the products to consumers directly.

-4- 2. 4ps of H&M

* Promotion * Digital campaign, for example Swedish fashion retailer. it has launched a global digital campaign to push its autumn/winter collection. * Catwalk fashion show * Some discount in special season for example buy one get one free (BOGOF) in Christmas * H&M magazines which they promote their own clothing style in it.

* Product * It included t-shirts, fashion shirts, cardigans, jeans, pants, undergarments, dresses, jackets, shoes, purses, jewelry, and other fashionable trendy accessories. * The production offices need to connect with the supplier and make sure the products are the best and delivered at the right time. * In addition, they have safety and quality testing to make sure customer can get the highest quality products.

* Place * It mainly built in North America, Europe, and Asia and also they are trying to expanse to the other main cities * H&M doesn’t have its own factories, because their clothes and other products are buying from around 700 independent suppliers which are mainly in Asia and Europe.

* Prices * H&M has the highest quality with the most suitable price. * Moreover, H&M buys their products in bulk straight from the suppliers, it can increase their profit margin because no more middle man, that is why their prices are not expensive. * Prices of rage are so wide which is around 10 – 70 pounds.

-5- 3. S.W.O.T
SWOT which is included strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats. It is a useful framework for assessing an organization and it is marketing environment, summarizing the main environmental issues in the form of opportunities and threats facing an organisation. (Adrain, 2009, P.66)

* S- Strengths * Global company * Online services/ shops * Different products variety * Suitable prices with high quality products

* W-Weakness * Cannot use the online stores in every