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Journal Part 2
Brittany Loomis & Rashidi Kennedy
Old Spice

The organic search results that we received from our key words were substantial for the brand that we chose. The first organic search is the company’s main website and the others are other sites that have an affiliation to the brand or doing some form or advertising or have a social media presence for them, no competitor websites showed up mainly because of the brands strong online presences. Also the paid search that results only revealed one result for the Canadian website of the company.

For the Old Spice brand we chose there was only one paid search result and it did have the key words in the ad as well. There wasn’t a very strong call to action for the ad but it did have “check out the new swagger scents here” as an incentive to get traffic onto the site. Also it didn’t have a USP or any other selling points to the ad it was very simple and straight-forward, I think this is due to the massive online presence they have and the very successful marketing campaign that was previously launched. Finally the ad did have a specific URL as it was directly for the Canadian consumers which ended in .ca, but right below that was an organic search for the main website which had .com.
Top Rated Ad Landing Page:

The headline is clear and the classic Old Spice Logo keeping the branding familiar and recognizable. It is clear and precise initiating the solution to the problem its consumers are having (i.e. Type of Scent Problem: Antiperspirant, Deodorant, Body Wash, etc..).
The consistency between Old Spice’s youtube ads and the layout & look of their landing page is incredible. The marketing campaign presented through social media, “Smell like a Man” showcases the large product line of Old Spice and enticing the consumer’s mind to purchase. The product landing page matches the same motive by showcasing all classic stereotypes of man (i.e. shag carpet background). What’s in